This is my media page of cool things that I have done over the years. It's fun to look back and see how far I have come. I have a passion for what I do and I'm very proud and honored for your visit to my web site. I am always around so call me on my cell and ā€‹I will be sure to pick up and answer all your questions. 

Enough talk, how about some action. Lets spin a few tunes on the Rockola 1455D

Look MOM I'm a reality TV star LOL. During the summer of 2013 before I did Jessica's Jukebox I was hired by a production company to film a episode of the reality TV show extreme collector. I got a call one day from one of the shows producers saying they had watched a bunch of my youtube videos and liked the way I presented my self. After a short interview I got the paid job. They flew me out to Denver, Colorado to film a episode of Extreme Collector.

Each show features 4 collectors and there collections. Once during every show they bring In one expert to appraise one of the collections. I was hired to be the expert for this show to appraise the coin-op collection. This was a lot of fun and me and the shows host  Andrew hit it right off. So take a look at this segment when you watch it, the first segment is the coin-op machine and Jukebox segment. Then fast forward to the end, just as the girl scout collection is ending you will see yours truly doing the expert appraisal of this collection. This was a lot of fun and I had a great time doing it. Finally my 20 years of coin-op and Jukebox machine study had finally paid off. 

The main Rochester, NY  newspaper the Democrat & Chronicle sent out a reporter journalist to do a newspaper article on me. When they finished there print article they also post it on line, along with a small video segment to enhance the print story. Here is that short segment

Local morning news clip on good morning Rochester talking about the shout out I got from Jessica Chastain on National TV 

A couple of years ago I had the local news media do a feature story on me and my hobby.  This three minute news feature was played all over  New York State on all the local cable systems 

Her Jukebox was featured in online magazine and ā€‹ and click on any of the links to have a peak    

A couple of years ago I was hired to restore a 1957 Rockola 1455D 200 select Jukebox for Hollywood Movie Actress Jessica Chastain. She had wanted a Jukebox all of her life. One day she found my youtube channel while surfing around trying to find a cool Jukebox.  After she watched a lot of my Jukebox videos on my youtube channel and she liked my attention to detail. I was contacted by her to restore a Jukebox for her. Fast forward a couple of months later, Jessica was on a national late night TV show promoting her latest movie. She decided to take a few minutes to talk about her Jukebox purchase and how much she liked it, they went on to show a beautiful picture of Jukebox and talk about me. I can not thank Jessica enough for her kindness and thoughtfulness and being so nice to me. She later went on to say on social media it was the best thing she ever bought in her life. I am so lucky to have her say such nice things about me. I am forever in her debt.