1957 Rockola 1455D - 200 select Jukebox, Restored for Hollywood Movie actress Jessica Chastain. Featured on a national TV show. 

We buy Jukeboxes working or not from 1927 through 1965. We can pack and ship any Jukebox we buy and will do all the work. Our shippers are professional and can help you get that Jukebox moved out and on it's way to me.  Call Mickey at 585-747-0605 for a free professional appraisal. You can also text pictures or email them to coinopny@gmail.com. Were located near Rochester NY. Some model Jukeboxes were looking to buy are as follows, Seeburg, Wurlitzer, Rockola, Ami, Filben, Gabel, Capehart, Packard, Mills, Evans, Aireon and United, We also buy wallboxes, table top Jukeboxes, Jukebox speakers, Jukebox stepper units, Jukebox parts and Jukebox advertising.                                                                                          

Stunning restoration on a Seeburg model 222, check it out in High Definition 

We refurbish and restore Jukeboxes checkout my work below


1959 Seeburg 222 Jukebox, Seeburg's first stereo Jukebox known as the Channel 1, Channel 2, please check out this great video on how excited my customer was to get his refurbished Jukebox.

Here are some samples of my work that I have refurbished or restored over the years. All of our work is done to order. Meaning you pick out a Jukebox from our inventory and you put a deposit down and then we refurbish or restore it for you. Generally my Jukeboxes start at around $3,500.00 and go up from there. Call me or email me to discuss your dream Jukebox. We usually have around 30 or so in stock waiting for a new customer.  

How to identify what make and model Jukebox you have. Click on the picture of the jukebox to see a quick video on how to do this. ​​Note all jukeboxes have a small metal Identification plate attached to the back of the Jukebox. Please turn your Jukebox around and find it and write down the model info. This will help me out when we talk this way we will know what make and model Jukebox you have you have. 

1954 Ami model F-120 Select Jukebox restored for the Everly Brothers Museum in Central City, Kentucky 

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